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couple on sidewalkThe last 10 years were an incredible decade of growth and positive change for Marion. A decade is not a very long time in the life and development of a city, but 2010 to 2020 was a transformative period for Marion. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Growth occurred in all parts of the city, but especially to the north where we're moving closer to County Home Road and to the east of Highway 13. 
  • Since 2010, Marion has made major investments in the transportation system, rebuilding and overlaying many miles of existing streets and adding 28 miles in new streets.
  • In 2010, the city had a population of 34,768. The 2020 census will reveal our current population; but estimates indicate we have grown to a community 41,000 strong; that's an increase of 18% in 10 years.
  • Since 2010, we added around 1,000 households and saw commercial and industrial development take a major leap forward.
  • Our total valuation increased by 46% from $2.16 billion in 2020 to $3.15 billion in 2019. From the year 2000, the increase was nearly 200%. 

City leaders are keenly focused on leveraging the benefits of growth to better serve people, strengthen community and increase opportunities for all residents, giving them the quality of life they desire. Here are some reasons why Marion is... HOME. 


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