How Do I?

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How do I apply for:

Employment/Volunteer Opportunities
Section 8 Housing
Residential On-Street Accessible Parking

How do I bring: An Issue to Council
Hazardous Materials for Disposal
How do I contact:

City Staff
Mayor or City Council
Marion Post Office

How do I find:

My Council Member
My Polling Location
Curbside Pick-Up Schedule
How a Property is Zoned
Walking Trails and Lengths
Notary Services

How do I get involved with: Arts Council Workshops and Classes
Vending at the Farmers' Market
How do I learn about: Snow Removal
Utility Rates
Tent & LP Tank Requirements
Home Safety Tips
Open Burning
Water Conservation
How do I obtain: Copy of Police Report
Property from an Investigation
My Fingerprints
Community Garden Spot
My Restrictive Covenants
How do I pay for or purchase: My Utility Bill
Cemetery Space
Recycling Bin
How do I register/sign up for:

Citizen's Fire Academy
City Newsletters
Rental Property Registration
Electronic Utility Bills
Water/Garbage/Sewer Service
Recreation Programs/Swimming Lessons

How do I report: Fireworks Usage
Barking Dogs
Property Complaint
Snow Removal Concerns
Tall Grass/Weeds
Right-of-Way Tree Issues
Streetlight Outages
File a Police Report
How do I reserve or schedule:

Park Facility
Merrill Gardens
Uptown Artway
Fire Station Tour
Neighborhood Fire Truck Visit
Off-Duty Police Officer
Bulk Items Collection

How do I view:

Zoning Maps
City Council Meeting Schedule
Noise Ordinance
Parking Rules
Hours of Operation