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Members of the Marion Police Department are held to high standards. As an organization, it is helpful to receive feedback from residents, members of the business community and visitors. 

Did you have a positive interaction with one of our officers? We'd love to hear about it. Please share your experience or thank an officer via this form.

In turn, we also want to hear when we've missed the mark. 

If you have a serious complaint against the department or any of its employees, you are encouraged to make that complaint in person at the Police Department so you can speak to a supervisor. However, if you have all the required information you are welcome to use this form and submit your information in that manner instead. Please know that we take complaints seriously and will investigate the incident thoroughly. 

The officer complaint form will ask you to provide the following information: your personal contact information; date, time and location of the incident as well as a brief description; the name(s) of the employee(s) involved in the incident and personal contact information for any witnesses.You may also upload any images that are relevant to the incident.  

During the investigation process, you may be contacted for additional information about the incident. Based upon the findings of the investigation, a policy or procedure may be reviewed or changed, or an employee disciplined. The Marion Police Department will notify you of any action taken, although not the specific nature of disciplinary action.