Free Smoke Alarms

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The American Red Cross and the Marion Fire Department have partnered to offer free smoke alarms to Marion residents who cannot afford smoke alarms for their home. 

We can assist with the installation of the alarms or changing the batteries if you cannot do so yourself (senior citizens, handicapped, etc.) or you don't have any family or friends that can help you. 

Are you or someone you know hearing impaired?  We have special alarms for the deaf and hard of hearing and children with special needs to those who qualify.

Go to to see if you qualify for free alarms.  


Smoke detectors can provide the early warning necessary to escape a deadly fire. To be effective, smoke detectors must be installed in the right location and they must be maintained. Most fire deaths occur in homes without properly placed or maintained smoke detectors. If you have a fire, the smoke will act like an anesthetic and will put you in a deeper sleep. Therefore, you must protect yourself and your family by installing and maintaining smoke detectors in your home. A properly placed and working smoke detector will wake you in time to escape.

 Smoke Alarm Safety and Smoke Alarm Safety for Disabled.


Smoke Detector Tips


Minimum Protection

  • One smoke detector outside each sleeping area
  • One smoke detector on each level of your home
  • An additional smoke detector in each bedroom



Proper placement of the smoke detector is important. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions. The basic guidelines are as follows:

  • Mount on the ceiling or wall. If on the ceiling, make sure it is at least 4" from the wall and if on the wall, it should be mounted between 4"-12" down from the ceiling (the corner between wall and ceiling is a dead air space).
  • Keep smoke detectors away from air vents and ceiling fans.
  • If detector is located near a kitchen or shower area, the detector may activate. If so, relocate the detector closer to a bedroom area.


  • Battery operated smoke detectors should be checked weekly by pushing the test button. Hard-wired detectors should be checked at least monthly.
  • Clean the detector periodically by removing the cover and dusting or vacuuming the detector.
  • Change the battery when you change your clock in the spring and fall. 
  • A periodic "beep" or "chirp" means the battery is low. Replace the battery immediately and don't remove or disconnect the battery before you have one to replace it.