Fire & Forestry Scholarships

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Firefighting and forestry careers can be extremely gratifying, albeit challenging. From the fire department to the national park system, the jobs available require specialized training that can be obtained by completing a fire science or forestry degree program on the undergraduate level. Similar to most post-secondary degrees, getting further education comes at a cost. From scholarships to grants and loans, fire science and forestry students have many financial aid opportunities available to support their education goals.

Types of Fire Science Scholarships

Students working on their forestry and fire science degrees have many scholarship opportunities. Professional organizations, charitable foundations, and even schools themselves understand the need to encourage students to pursue these degrees—and many of them earmark funding each year to allow students to do so. These scholarships are a great way for students to supplement other types of financial aid, so it can be well worth the time and effort for them to investigate opportunities and apply to as many scholarships as they qualify for.  For scholarship opportunities, go to