Subdivision Development: Plan of Improvements

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Before work begins within a subdivision, the Engineering Department reviews the Plan of Improvements and holds a pre-construction meeting with the contractor, subcontractors, Water Department and Engineering Department, but may include the developer, other utility companies or other City departments.  Staff provides quality control in the field for storm and sanitary sewers, drain tile, and Portland cement concrete. The City has adopted the latest version of SUDAS (Statewide Design Standards) and utilizes these standards for all subdivisions. Once all public improvements are installed, the City Council will consider accepting the public improvements for the subdivision. 

Below is a list of subdivisions currently being reviewed or inspected by the Engineering Department:

  • Bowman Meadows 6th Addition: South of Boyson Road, west of Alburnett Road
  • Bowman Woods Unit 37: south of East Robins Road, includes Brookfield Drive connection to Cedar Rapids
  • Briargate 6th Addition: 35th Avenue and 44th Street
  • Bridge Creek 5th Addition: North side of Winslow Road, west of Indian Creek
  • Commons at English Glen 5th Addition: Sherwood Drive extension north side of 29th Avenue, east of 35th Street
  • Echo Hill 4th  Addition: east of Alburnett Road, north side of Echo Hill Road
  • First United Methodist Church 1st Addition - 35th Avenue: 35th Avenue west of Hwy 13 and REC Drive extension west of Hwy 13
  • Gemstone Estates 6th Addition: Peridot Drive extension north of Tower Terrace Road, parallel to old Indian Creek Road
  • Hunters Field 11th Addition: Winslow Road and Foxborough Drive
  • Prairie Ridge 8th Addition: Glenwood Drive and Cope Drive extensions east of HWY 13
  • Ridge at Indian Creek 2nd Addition: Extensions of Gemstone Road and Platinum Way north side of Cornhenge
  • Rookwood Estates 1st Addition: Prairie Ridge Avenue extension east of HWY 13

To view the locations of the subdivisions refer to our Subdivision Development Map.

For information regarding final plat approvals for subdivisions, please refer to the Planning Department's Development Activity page.