Inspection Guidelines

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The City of Marion has adopted Resolution No. 14839, which allows the Marion Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau to charge for fire inspections that are not in compliance by the second re-inspection. The original and first re-inspections are provided at no charge. If more than one re-inspection is required to comply with the codes that are enforced by this office, a fee will be charged as follows:

Initial Inspection                No Charge       Including final inspection for new construction

First re--inspection            No Charge      Performed 30 days after the after the initial inspection.See footnote 1&4

Second re-inspection       $50.00              Performed approximately 2 weeks after the first re-inspection. See footnote 1&4

Third re-inspection           $100.00             Performed approximately 2 week after the second re-inspection. See footnote 1&4

Fourth re-inspection         $200.00            Performed approximately 2 week after the third re-inspection. See footnote 1&4

Fifth re-inspection             $400.00            Performed approximately 2 week after the fourth re-inspection. See footnote 1&4

Sixth re-inspection                                       See footnote 5

1.  Re-inspections will be scheduled on a date that has been agreed upon between the business owner or agent and the inspector.
2.  If compliance is met,  present fee shall be waived.  The business owner or agent will be responsible for the previous re-inspection fee.
3.  The Fire Chief may authorize a maximum fee of $50.00 per hour for inspections or re-inspections that are requested or required after office hours
4.  Any violation that is deemed to be a life safety hazard may proceed to a municipal infraction at anytime.
5.  If no compliance is met on the sixth re-inspection, the file will be sent to the City Attorney's office to  proceed with a municipal infraction.

If you have any questions concerning inspections and or the fee schedule, please feel free to contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 377-8237, Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M.