Open Burning

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Within the city limits of Marion open burning is not allowed. However, a recreational fire that is in a fire pit, outdoor fireplace, chimnea, portable fire pit or grill is permitted as long as the following guidelines are met:

Pits (open burning with no spark arrester):

- The pit or portable pit must be 25 feet or more away from all combustible structures or combustible materials.
- The fire pit can only be three feet in diameter and the stack of wood is limited to two feet in height.
- Only clear wood (unprocessed wood) or charcoal can be burned. No grass, leaves or trash may be burned.
- The fire must be attended at all times and must have a means to extinguish the fire; a fire extinguisher, garden hose, dirt, sand, etc.

Outdoor Fireplaces, Chimneas, Portable Fire Pits (with spark arresters):

- The burning container must be 15 feet or more away from any combustible structure or combustible materials.
- The spark arrester or screening must be in its proper position on the container.
- The fire box can only be three feet in diameter and the stack of wood is limited to two feet in height.

Charcoal/Propane Grills:

- May not be operated and/or stored on any combustible balcony or deck, or within 10 feet of any combustible portion of a multi-family residential building, where the separate condo or apartment are one above the other. (If the separate condos or apartments are side by side, grills are allowed).
- Grills are not recommended on ANY combustible balcony or deck.

Grills can be used on a combustible balcony or deck if:
- It is a one or two-family residence
- The deck is protected by an automatic sprinkler system

Electric grills are acceptable on ANY deck.

NOTE: Condominium Associations may have separate rules regarding these issues, which the Fire Department has no jurisdiction over.

If a complaint is received by the Marion Fire Department about a recreational fire producing smoke that is a nuisance to neighbors, the Marion Fire Department will respond and evaluate the situation. If the Fire Department deems it is a valid complaint, the fire must then be extinguished.