Eco Industrial Park/Public Service Maintenance Facility

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rendering of public services facility from eastPROJECT: 
Eco Industrial Park Phase I
Public Service Maintenance Facility - 135,000 sq. ft. 

This project includes the replacement of the Public Services Maintenance Facility and integration of alternative energy resources, supporting the City's goal to become a leader in sustainability. In spring of 2019, construction of a new Public Service Maintenance Facility was initiated and over the course of the next year we will be looking forward to the completion of the project and the opportunities of providing new and exciting services to residents.    

The concept for this project originated from the conditions associated with current facilities which were determined to be structurally inadequate and limited in space. As the community continues to grow, the need to provide adequate facilities for city services was identified as well as the opportunity to incorporate renewable energy components that will allow for operational savings.   

This project includes the construction of one of the largest geothermal facilities in Iowa and will incorporate renewable energy systems that will serve to power operations for the facility.

The facility will also incorporate alternative fueling facilities for fleet operations and when completed, will provide significant transportation fuel and energy savings for Marion residents.  

The cost of improvements associated with Public Service Maintenance is scheduled at $10.8 million and will be financed with Revenue Bonds. When fully commissioned, the cost savings realized through energy improvements will serve to offset the debt service on the facility.   

In May 2017, Council directed staff to proceed with Phase I of the Eco Industrial Park. 

Facility is currently scheduled to be commissioned in November of 2020.

Ryan Miller
Public Services Director
ph. 319-377-6367

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Last updated 8.14.19