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City Issues Statement regarding Litigation

Rheeder v. City of Marion, Slagle, Gray

Post Date:10/01/2019 1:34 PM
The City of Marion recently learned of a lawsuit filed by Ms. Rheeder related to a complaint she made to the City regarding a former employee and a current employee. It is unfortunate that, despite the City’s best efforts to resolve Ms. Rheeder’s complaints, she has instead chosen to litigate this matter. The City denies the allegations outlined in the lawsuit and states that it took all steps required under its policies and the law to address Ms. Rheeder’s concerns, including promptly investigating her claims and putting remedial measures in place. Furthermore, the City has held Ms. Rheeder’s position open for her to return to any time she wishes. It is the City’s policy not to comment on confidential personnel matters, such as investigations, in order to protect the privacy of the complainants and the witnesses and to ensure that those individuals are not dissuaded from bringing concerns forward or participating in the investigation process. The City urges the public to remember there are two sides to every story and not to prejudge this matter.
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