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Help Improve Emergency Response Time

Post Date:02/21/2017 10:17 AM

The Marion Fire Department responded to over 3,200 calls in 2016. Most people think that an emergency will never happen to them, but they do happen every day and time is of the essence in most situations.

If you do have an emergency, there are that things you can do to shorten the response time, especially in the winter.  The Marion Fire Department offers these suggestions:

  1. Have an address on your house and make sure it is visible from the street.The numbers should be at least 4” high and should be of a contrasting color to your house color so they stick out.Either having your address illuminated or turning a porch light on during an emergency is helpful. First responders can lose critical time trying to find a house that does not have an address on it. Please take a minute and make sure that your address is clearly marked and not otherwise covered-up.


  2. Have clear access to your house. It is important that emergency responders can get from the street and into your house.There are times when there are toys, lawn furniture, and other items in the way. This delays us in getting into the house. During a medical emergency, there has to be enough space to get the ambulance cot into the house. During the winter, it is important that snow and ice are removed from the driveway and sidewalk so we can safely get into the house but also get you out to the ambulance.


  3. Sometimes we find doors that don’t open or simply have a large number of items stored in front of them.This is dangerous for a couple of reasons.During an emergency, it delays us in getting inside to help you.The biggest concern with a blocked door is that you cannot get out that door during a fire! Make sure that all exit doors are clear and open easily.

One additional thing that you can do to help yourself and your neighbors is to clear any snow away from the fire hydrant closest to your home.  Some winters we have had fire hydrants completely buried by snow. Even if they are partially buried, it takes precious time to dig them out in order to have adequate water to fight a fire.  If you clean out the fire hydrant every time it snows, it is a small task that could save significant damage to your home and the homes around you.

By following these tips, you can help improve emergency response time.

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