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Roundabout Reminders

Post Date:02/21/2017 9:13 AM

Marion is currently home to five roundabouts, two along the Tower Terrace Road corridor, two along our Central Corridor, and one mini roundabout at 29th Avenue and 35th Street. Another is being designed for the intersection of 15th Street and 6th Avenue, which is proposed to be constructed in 2017.

When approaching a roundabout, pay attention to the signage and pavement markings signifying which lane to be in for the movement you wish to make. As you enter the roundabout, slow down and follow the posted speed limit signs while yielding to the left. Just like in a four-way intersection, you should not be changing lanes while in the roundabout; wait until you have fully exited to change lanes.

If an emergency vehicle is approaching with their lights and/or sirens on do not stop at the yield line before entering, within the roundabout, or right after you exit as this could make it difficult for the emergency vehicle. Pull over before you get to the roundabout or clear the intersection completely before pulling over.

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