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FAQ - Fungicide in Marion Neighborhood

Post Date:07/28/2016 6:20 PM

Many agencies are working together to provide assistance to anyone whose property or person was exposed to an unfortunate incident which took place last Tuesday evening, July 26, 2016.  Marion Fire Department has teamed up with the following expert agencies to give the best care and answers to the citizens of Marion in regards to the possible spraying of fungicide on the neighborhood surrounding the Marion Swimming Pool.

The Marion Fire Department has been working with the following agencies:

  • Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship, Pesticide Bureau
  • Iowa Department of Public Health
  • Linn County Public Health
  • Linn County Emergency Management
  • Linn County Hazardous Materials Team
  • University of Iowa State Hygienic Lab

During office hours, people may contact the Iowa Department of Public Health with any questions or concerns at 1-800-972-2026 or 515-281-8707.

If anyone was a witness to the incident PLEASE contact Iowa Department of Agriculture at 515-281-8591.  The Iowa Department of Agriculture's Pesticide Bureau is presently investigating how the fungicide/pesticide was dropped into the Marion neighborhood.  The Bureau has assured us that these types of incidents take top priority, are investigated thoroughly and have maximum penalties to those found responsible.

Below are some common questions that our offices have received.  The answers from the above agencies may be of assistance.  See below: 

Question:  How do I remove the residue off of my car, house, patio furniture or other outdoor items?

Answer:  Use soap and water to wash the items.  Any dish soaps, detergents or other surface cleaners should work fine.

Question:  What should I do if I got residue on my clothes?

Answer:  Wash your contaminated clothes separately as a load in your washer.  Iowa Department of Public Health stated:  "any clothing what was worn during the exposure should be removed and washed as recommended by the manufacturer of the clothing.  Clothing that has been washed may be re-worn without risk of adverse health exposure.  

Question:  What if I got residue on my skin? 

Wash any exposed skin with soap and water.  If a rash should develop, see your physician and report your possible exposure to your physician.

Question:  Will it harm my pets or children if they are in the yard?

Answer:  According to the Iowa Department of Public Health:  "Direct exposure to lawns or vegetation after 12-hours of application of the fungicide or pesticide is not expected to have adverse human or animal health impacts."  Therefore, by 6:00 AM on Wednesday morning (27th), contact with your lawn or other vegetation outside should have had no issue. 

Question:  What if my kids or pets were outside on the lawn between 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM of Tuesday into Wednesday?

Answer:  If they are showing no ill effects from Tuesday up to now, there was probably no detrimental exposure.  Over the last three days, there has been only one report of an illness and it has not been related to this issue, from what is known at this time.  If one becomes ill, see your physician and let the physician know about the possible exposure.

Question:  The evening of the exposure, I did not feel well.  Could it have been caused by the fungicide?

Answer:  "Potential adverse health impacts could include skin, respiratory, or eye irritation.  these impacts, if occurring, will be temporary and are not expected to cause any permanent health impacts.  Any person experiencing any adverse health impacts form the exposure to fungicide/pesticide should seek medical evaluation immediately" - Iowa Department of Public Health

Question:  Will the vegetables in my garden be affected?  Should I eat them?

Answer:  Fungicides/Pesticides are widely used in producing food.  These pesticides may remain in small amounts (called residues) in or on fruits, vegetables, grains and other foods.  To ensure the safety of the food supply for human consumption, the U.S. EPA regulates the amount of each pesticide that may remain in and on foods.  More information about pesticide residue tolerances can be found at:  https//

If anyone has any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me, Marion Fire Chief, Deb Krebill at (319) 377-8237 or email your questions and concerns to my email:

Take Care and Stay Safe!