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Road Construction UPDATE: 2016 Asphalt Resurfacing

Post Date:05/13/2016 4:23 PM

This project includes milling the existing surface and the placement of two lifts of new HMA (Hot Mix Asphalt).

The schedule below was provided by LL Pelling and is weather dependent.

The project will be split into 4 mobilizations.
Mobilization #1: 8th Avenue; 5th Avenue; and 15th Avenue [approx. 5.2.16 – 5.27.16] (Has been completed)
Mobilization #2: 22nd Street and Southview Drive [approx. 5.17.16 – 5.24.16]
Mobilization #3: A Avenue; 5th Street; 12th Avenue; 26th Street; 4th Avenue [approx. 5.31.16 – 6.10.16]
Mobilization #4: South 14th Street and 50th Street [approx. 6.13.16 – 6.21.16]

May 2nd - May 13th Work Schedule:

 - 8th Avenue: 25th Street to 30th Street (has been completed and is open to all traffic)
- 5th Avenue: 13th Street to 31st Street (has been completed and is open to all traffic)
- 15th Avenue: Northview Drive to Maplecrest Drive (has been completed and is open to all traffic)

May 16th - May 27th Work Schedule:

- 22nd Street: 8th Avenue to 10th Avenue
- Southview Drive: Ridge Drive to Twixt Town Road
- 26th Street: 5th Avenue to 3rd Avenue
- 4th Avenue: 27th Street to 31st Street

May 31st - June 10th Work Schedule:

- A Avenue: South 15th Street to 22nd Street
- 5th Street: 29th Avenue north 289 feet
- 12th Avenue: Maplecrest Drive to Northview Drive

To stay informed on progress updates for the 2016 HMA Resurfacing Project, please visit our project page.

For general road construction information regarding lane closures and street closures in Marion please reference the 2016 Road Construction Map.

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