Meter Change Out Program

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You may receive notice that your water meter is due for an upgrade. 

 The Marion Water Department is continually replacing old water meters. When we replace old meters we are also installing new radio equipment that sends out a signal to our hand held reader telling us your water usage.  Our goal is to update our older meters with new meters and radio read units so that we will have a more uniform and accurate meter reading system. There is no charge for this work.  To accomplish the meter upgrade we will need to: 

  • Obtain access to the meter, which is located inside the house.
  • Shut your water off at the meter valve during the procedure.  (Homeowners are responsible to have functioning shut off  valves adjacent to the water meter.)
  • Remove the old meter and install new radio read unit.

 With nearly 13,000 water customers in Marion, the meter upgrade process will take some time to complete.  We are currently installing the new radio read system in all newly constructed homes.  To upgrade existing homes, customer notification will be made by mail, door hanger or phone call by the Water Department Customer Service Staff to make an appointment. All Water Department staff carry identification cards.  

Please call the Water Department at (319) 743-6310 between 8am and 5pm if you have any questions or concerns. You can also e-mail our office.