Job Descriptions

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Welcome to the City of Marion's job classifications and descriptions.

City Manager's Office

City Manager
Deputy City Manager
Assistant to the City Manager

Human Resource Manager

Community Development Department

Community Development Director
Principle Planner
Planning Associate
Planner I

Building Official
Code Compliance Coordinator
Plan Review Coordinator
Building Inspector
Permit Technician

Administrative Assistant

Department of Administrative Services 

Director of Administrative Services

Budget Manager 

Communications Manager 

Finance Manager
Payroll Manager
Accounting Associate

Records Manager

Information Technology Manager
IT Network Engineer
IT Support Analyst

Administrative Assistant

Engineering Department

City Engineer
Assistant City Engineer
Project Manager
Project Engineer
Engineering Technician
Stormwater Coordinator
Administrative Assistant

Fire Department

Fire Chief
Assistant Fire Chief/Paramedic
District Fire Chief/ Fire Marshal

Administrative Assistant

Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation Director
Parks & Recreation Assistant Director (1/1/19)
Operations Manager
Parks Supervisor
Equipment Operator
Utility I

City Arborist
Arborist Technician

Recreation Aquatics Coordinator
Recreation Supervisor

Administrative Assistant

Police Department 

Police Chief
Deputy Chief
Patrol Officer

Confidential Administrative Manager
Confidential Data Analyst
Communications Operator
Records Clerk
Confidential Administrative Clerk

Maintenance Manager (7/1/18)

Public Library

Library Director
Assistant Director
Library Program Coordinator
Library Assistant
Library Page

Administrative Assistant

Public Services

Public Service Director
Public Service Assistant Director (1/1/19)
Operations Manager
Public Service Supervisor
Assistant Street Maintenance Supervisor
Utility Maintenance Specialist
Equipment Operator

Administrative Speciailist