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Quality of Life Ranked High in Marion by The National Citizen Survey

Post Date:07/20/2017 7:42 AM

This spring, the City of Marion contracted with National Research Center, Inc. to conduct The National Citizen Survey™ (The NCS™). The survey captured opinions of a representative sample selected from 1,500 residents of Marion, who were mailed invitations to complete the survey.

According to The NCS Community Livability Report, “Overall quality of community life represents the natural ambience, services and amenities that make for an attractive community. How residents rate their overall quality of life is an indicator of the overall health of a community.”

In the case of Marion, 93 percent of residents rate the community as an excellent or good place to live.

Marion’s ratings were compared to national benchmarks included from over 500 communities representing a wide geographic and population range. The results were also compared to a select subset of the database with similar characteristics to Marion; secondary cities (in a metro but not the primary city), similar in both population and annual household income.

Marion ranked well above the national and peer benchmarks with 90 percent of respondents indicating that Marion is an excellent or good place to raise children. K-12 education also ranked higher than both benchmarks. Nine in 10 respondents would recommend living in Marion to someone who asked, and 91 percent intend to remain in Marion for the next five years.

“These survey results help tell a powerful story. They reinforce our status as a desirable place to live and raise a family, and shine a light on the quality of life we enjoy,” noted Marion Mayor Nicolas AbouAssaly. “Through a holistic look at the community, the survey also identified some priorities to enhance life in Marion– such as redevelopment of our Central Corridor and improving our public transit options.”

Respondents identified safety and the economy as two areas of focus for the community in the coming two years. The current strategic priorities of the City Council also received favorable response.

The survey and its administration are standardized to assure high quality research methods and directly comparable results across The NCS communities.

The five-page survey was administered during March/April 2017 to a random sampling of 1,500 households. Four hundred thirty-two responses were received, achieving a +/- 5% margin of error. The data data was then weighted to reflect the demographic characteristics of the community. Toward the end of data collection, a web-based survey was available to all residents and 353 residents opted to complete the survey online.

The NCS captures residents’ opinions within three pillars of a community: Community Characteristics, Governance and Participation and across eight central facets of a community, including Safety, Mobility, Natural Environment, Built Environment, Economy, Recreation and Wellness, Education and Enrichment and Community Engagement.

The NCS Community Livability Report
The NCS Citizen Survey Results - Presentation